Welcome to our Möbelarena furniture hypermarket!

We are here for you in Rheinfelden and Waldshut-Tiengen and we offer a wide variety of top-quality furniture at favourable prices. Zürich and Basel are part of our catchment area along with the south German region. Still believe that quality is really expensive and can only be had for lots of money? Come and see us at the Möbelarena and we will show you how inexpensive it can be to fit out your rooms from a large selection of top-quality furniture.

Buy attractive furniture from the Möbelarena at favourable prices

Not only can you shop inexpensively at our Waldshut and Rheinfelden locations, you can also find a broad range of furniture for your kitchen, your home and your office. A large selection for each living area and each preferred lifestyle awaits you in spite of our low prices. Find attractive chests of drawers and panels for your entrance hall or landing; beds, modern wardrobes and side tables for your bedrooms and a whole range of TV furniture, shelves and cupboards for your living room. In our upholstery range you can buy quality sofas and living areas, elegant couches and armchairs at favourable prices and in various designs to suit your demands and personal taste. Looking for a practical, functional and modern kitchen? Then visit our specialist upholstery and kitchen stores in Waldshut and Rheinfelden, where you can find your dream kitchen in the Möbelarena at amazing prices. Smart furnishing and saving is not just our maxim at Möbelarena – we can make it happen in all areas of furnishing and design in the rooms where you live. No matter what style you prefer or what furniture you are looking for, the Möbelarena with locations in Waldshut and Rheinfelden is the place to go if you if you want top-quality furniture that is modern and inexpensive.

Furniture to take straight home

Don’t want to wait for your kitchen, the sofa for your living room or the furniture for your bedroom? No problem – with us, you don’t just buy at favourable prices, you also find a wide range of furniture to take home straight away. It doesn’t cost much to hire a van from us – so it’s no problem to take your new furniture straight home from our Waldshut or Rheinfelden locations. We look forward to your visit to Möbelarena.